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Achieve Work Life Balance Through Outsourcing

Eventually though, you realise you are better off hiring other people that have different skill sets to you to complete either low value tasks or tasks that you don’t have expertise in.

The Importance of Using Accounting Software

So throw away that shoe box of loose receipts and get a cloud based accounting software. Here are my top 5 reasons why you need to be using an accounting software.

Bookkeeping Can Be Sexy

Most people may not think that bookkeeping can be sexy, but here are my top 5 reasons why I think it can be.

What to claim when working from home

When operating a home based business there is often confusion around what you can claim. Here are a few tips. 

When To Pay Your Super

What are the rules for super payments? We cover all the rules and the dates that you need to make installment payments.

Trouble with Xero?

While Xero is user friendly, it is easy to get a bit lost from time to time. While we offer a range of services including managing your accounting for you and virtual CFO services we also service many clients who have simple accounting needs and are happy to self navigate through Xero.

Changing dashboard layout in Xero

In this video Kellsie shows you how you can change the layout of your dashboard tabs in Xero. This will allow you to track your financial information accordingly to your working position.
Change your dashboard layout using the following steps:
  • First, make sure you have the dashboard tab selected
  • Scroll to the botton on the page
  • Selete the 'Edit Dashbourd' button 
  • Click onto which tab you wish to move and drag into place
  • Selete 'Save Changes' 

At any stage you can change the layout of the Dashboard by following these steps each time